Resin art

Resin crafts

Hello guys!
I‘ve discovered resin art and resin crafts just a few months ago. Right after I saw the amazing things you can do with it, I had to give it a go! Because I’m in Costa Rica right now, it took  F o r e v e r  to arrive, but finally (after months!) it arrived! I tried it out right away! Here you can see my first creations!
I always love trying new things and resin art is something COMPLETELY different to what I’ve tried. Colored pencils, graphite pencils, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, pastel pencils …

What I Love about resin, is that the painting has its own movement! It’s not like drawing, where you decide what you want to draw and how you want the drawing to look when it’s finished.
It’s more like, the artwork decides. It creates its own cells, patterns and even mixes the colors itself. at the end it never ever looks exactly the way you where imagining it! And I love that!
I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think it always looks so much prettier at the end, than at the beginning!

For anyone who doesn’t like drawing all that much, I think resin Art is something for you!




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