Hey everyone!
I recently made my own monopoly Boardgame! It was so much fun, but a very long process as well.
One day my little brother and sisters where playing a game they had just invented. It was about knowledge, facts and answering questions. They had cut a piece of normal paper and used it as the board.
Later that day, my little brother wanted to make it a bit more professional and asked me to help him measure the board on thicker paper. Then I had so much fun helping him, I started thinking about making my own Boardgame. I talked to my older brother a bit, and we remembered, that when we where younger, we always wanted to make a Boardgame, but never really knew where to start. That was the moment, I was really inspired and started kind of planning and measuring the ruff shape of my board.
I thought “What game is fun to play, but is at the same time easy and not to complicated to make?” – for example, a game with lots of random facts is fun at the beginning, but first, I wouldn’t be able to play it because I’d already know all of the answers, and second, at some point everyone would know the answers and it wouldn’t be very fun anymore.
I thought about making a Cluedo, which is one of my favorite boardgames, but eventually I decided on making a monopoly! I thought it was perfect, because you don’t need a LOT of different things for it. (At least, I thought so at the beginning haha) I still felt like a normal monopoly would be kinda boring, so I decided to give it a little twist :)
I was planning on making it a fairytale themed monopoly!
At the next day, I worked a lot on it. I sketched the whole board and outlined it all!
Trough out the next few days I had the best time creating. I had decided on outlining the tiny artworks for the different kingdoms and colouring everything in with watercolours! The thought behind that was, that it’s much easier to colour in large spaces with watercolours than with coloured pencils. Besides, it was so fun to use watercolours for it and now I’m very happy I did!
making the resin gems was probably the most difficult part. I sadly only have 2 molds for them, that’s why I was only able to create very few at a time. Luckily I found out how to harden them faster!
I also found out the perfect way to secure everything made out of paper. I taped them with transparent tape. ♡

Here is the overview of everything I made for the game:

• I made the board with paper & cardboard,
• the treasure cards, the price/ rent cards with mostly paper,
• the Crystal guide with mostly paper,
• the gems with resin,
• even my own dice and a few figures with polymer clay,
• A box for the game with a lot of different things.

You can also watch the process video of the Boardgame: “DIY Monopoly (Fairy-Tail Themed)” on my instagram.
I’m at: @ronjas_animal_art

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