My life

Welcome …

Hey everyone! I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m a 17 year old girl named Ronja. I grew up in a Family of eight and we all are unschooled/ worldschooled. We traveled the world since I can remember, and at the moment we are travelling around Europe!
We used to live in Costa Rica – Central America. That’s why I also speak three languages: German, English and Spanish.

Facts about me …

• My biggest inspiration are animals! Literally all kinds of animals, but my favourites are still dogs, axolotls and parrots (especially macaws & lovebirds)

• I‘m also vegan, so are my parents and my siblings. Be kind to every kind. :)

• I really like doing any kind of gymnastics like Trampoline, Areal Silk, Areal Hoop, Areal Sling or just simple Handstand, splits or front/ back walkovers.

• I love doing creative things like: Drawing, Crochet, DIY projects, Painting, Writing, 

My art journey …

I started drawing in September 2020 by doing an online drawing class. I created my first ever realistic drawings with Graphite pencils – Black & white! 

After learning how to draw fur I drew my first bird.
A few months later I learned drawing with coloured pencils. At the beginning it was very difficult for me, because I wasn’t used to drawing with colours, but I drew almost every day and started seeing all of the different colours in fur, eyes, noses etc.

Later I also tried Acrylic paints, watercolours, pastel pencils and gouache

Here you can see my brothers dog Trixi & my first ever realistic dog drawing. :)

That is snow. One of our rescue cats. He was the first coloured pencil drawing I’ve done. The dog you can see, is my grandma’s dog Dana. She was also one of my first ever portraits!

For some reason, I always loved drawing animals more than people. When we adopted two baby street cats I really wanted to draw both of them! That’s what I did. Through out the next year we rescued more than 14 street cats, a sick dog, three puppies, even more puppies and a pig!

I drew almost all of our cats & dogs and I also have drawn a few commissions!

If you would like to see my latest drawings, paintings and more art with other techniques, then you can check out my instagram.