Trixichen, Schnicksi, Trixi-Schnicksi, Trixi-Meier, Trixi-Schnicksi-Meier-Hausen.

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Hello everyone and welcome to the „Trixi gallery“ !
Trixi is my brother Benny‘s chihuahua. She came to us about 3 years ago!

I made the first drawing of her in 2020. She was the first Animal I drew a portrait of! Back then I was practicing a lot, it was the beginning of my Art journey! For the first portrait I used graphite pencils!
I drew the second portrait of her January-Mai (I can’t remember haha!) It was the First tiny portrait I drew! I drew it for my brothers birthday! For this portrait I used colored pencils.
The third portrait I drew of her, was a very detailed 22.9 x 30.5 cm – 9 x 12 inches portrait! I used colored pencils again.
The next one was the watercolor portrait! Trixi actually was the third watercolor portrait I painted. I think you already guessed it, I used watercolor paint for this portrait!
Right after the watercolor portrait, I painted her again! But this time in the Rainbow Look! She was the first animal I painted in the rainbow look! 🌈
You probably already know, that I love trying new things. I wanted to make necklaces so bad, I drew Trixi’s tiny portrait before my necklace making supplies arrived. Which means, I wasn’t able to measure the size I had to cut the paper.
I got the size wrong and had to re-draw the portrait. That was the last portrait of Trixi!

I hope you enjoyed these little stories behind the portraits! I’ll probably do a updated version of this post, ones I have even more portraits of little Trixi! Let me know what’s YOUR favorite drawing/ painting/ pendant of her! I would be very interested in your opinion! :)

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