I also painted a few more gouache paintings. You can have a look at my shop, to see some of my paintings available for sale ♡

Hey everyone! In this blog post I want to share my first experiences with gouache painting with you!

I tried recently tried gouache painting, because I saw a lot of other people using this type of paint, and I just REALLY wanted to try it. Here you can see the result of my first time trying them. This is a painting of our dog Himal ♡

So, I must say, that I did enjoy it a lot and I’m very excited to use this type of paint more, but, it isn’t my favorite technique. It is very different to watercolours and acrylics, even though I thought it would be very similar to acrylic paints. I know, I might like it more in the future, but for now I enjoy watercolours and coloured pencils more. The funny thing is, that there was a time I didn’t really liked watercolours all that much, because it was so new and difficult for me. But practice makes progress, right?
I will definitely use gouache paints more to learn and try to really understand this type of paint. I perfectly remember the time, when I used watercolours and suddenly something changed. I somehow started to actually understand this medium. I actually knew how much water to use, how many layers work, how much the colors will fade etc. All of these things, are things you can only learn by doing. I actually mean these words, because I’ve had this experience with several techniques.

At the beginning it is always kind of difficult and you don’t really know what you’re doing, but after a lot of practice you start to understand the technique and feel more comfortable.

Practice Makes Progress 

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