recently I started painting more animals like parrots, turtles, dragons etc. I made a turtle painting very colorful and bright. I used just a normal reference image, but painted it in all of the colors of the rainbow.
When I was done, I was a bit skeptical, but at the same time I really liked the result. At the next day I painted a parrot with watercolor. It was very colorful again. I asked my older brother Benny, if he liked the result and if he would wear a shirt with my painting on it.
He asked me if I could make a painting of his doggy – Trixi – like that. I was very surprised and inspired about what he said. It was a completely new idea I have never thought of! And then, at the next day, I started painting Trixi’s watercolor portrait in the “Rainbow look”

I think you can tell why I called it “Rainbow look” :D


I started this huge painting with a graphite pencil sketch, to get all of the proportions right. Then I slowly erased the outlines and re-did them with colorful fine-line markers. And then I started painting with the bright watercolors. Just before I finished the portrait, I added some very small, completely white highlights in the eyes, to make them shine more! – I used a very fine, white paint pen.

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By Published On: 9. April 2022Views: 2740 Comments