“Hey There“ Blue Macaw Drawing


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This highly detailed drawing of Blue-And-Gold macaw is my all-time-favorite drawing! I literally loved drawing every single feather. I love the combination of the blue, yellow and the green background.
This drawing makes me happy, just when I look at it! Maybe it’s because of all of the bright, light colours!
I called it „Hey There!“ because in my opinion, that’s the way the parrot looks at you. His face looks like he’s saying „Hey there!“ :)

– I made a lot up, but the main reference image is form Jooin.com

Facts about macaws:

• Macaws are the largest type of all parrots.

• Free living macaws live around 60 years, very rarely they can even live up to 100 years.

• Macaws have a bone in their tongue to tap fruits.

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