“Hanging Around“ Sloth Drawing


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This extremely detailed drawing of a sloth 🦥 is drawn with coloured pencils. I absolutely loved drawing this animal. It has the cutest little face to draw!

I was inspired to make this drawing, because my older brothers and I have been volunteering for a week in a wildlife rescue animal shelter. After I saw one of these beautiful animals in real life and very close, I just had to draw a sloth! This drawing is my absolute favorite drawing I’ve done so far. (Besides “Hey There” of course!)

This drawing reminds me so much of the nature, the wildlife animals, tranquility & peace. Sloths have naturally very low movement and always seem calm and relaxed.

Facts about sloths:
• There are two different types of sloths. Three toed and two toed, and six species. All 6 of the species have either two or three toes.
• Sloths grow algae in their fur for better camouflage. So they blend more into the leafs.
• The hair on sloth bellies curves towards their back. So when they hang upside-down the rainwater can run down easily.

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